Tor’s Cove Come Home Year Logo 2002


Depicts three things, which are just a few

Of the things we love, though we may roam

From the place of our birth,


”Where the heart is always home”


Our people, seen here as they fish from their Dory

Recalls a seafaring lifestyle in all of its glory


Our Islands, which lend us a beautiful view

Is a scene loved by artists and photographers too.


Our Twin Hills, a landmark so easy to see,

Graced the Newfoundland Postage Stamp in 1923


Each picture is held in an individual heart

Forming a Shamrock, depicting our past,

Of an Irish heritage, passed down with pride

By our brave ancestors who crossed over the tide.

They settled in Tor’s Cove, as part of a group

Of costal communities, called The Irish Loop.


Composed By: Rita Burk (nee O’Driscoll)